Plants and Flowers

Plants & Flowers

Narrowing the options for landscaping material can often be challenging. The landscape professionals at LanVilla are familiar with the types of plants, color schemes, and textures that will beautify and enhance your home or business.

We insure proper installation techniques in regards to handling and spacing to give your plants the best chance for survival and a long, healthy life. We strictly follow best practice policies and select quality materials that allow us to offer competitive warranties on the majority of plants we install.

Let us help you identify what plant and flower material is best for your home, business, or community property, today

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LanVilla regularly installs and maintains planting material for a wide variety of customers and conditions and are generally categorized by the following matrix below:

Plant Type

This includes choices such as “Evergreen Tree” or “Deciduous Shrub” for woody plants, and “Hardy Perennial” or “Fern” for herbaceous plants.  Plant typing would also encompass size and life cycle categories including: Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, Ground Covers, and Annuals.

Plant Height & Width

Height and width of woody plants are shown in feet. Measurements indicate the expected mature size of the plant when informally pruned. Heights and widths of herbaceous plants are shown in inches, while widths indicated for herbaceous perennials refers to the width of a well-established plant, usually 3 to 4 years old.

Design & Landscape Use

Design use of plants defines the function of the plant in the landscape and include: key plants, accent plants, specimen plants, species/cultivar group and mass plants. Landscape use refers to the specific purpose of the plant in a landscape. Most plants are appropriate for a variety of different kinds of landscape purposes — edible, natural, pollinator-friendly, etc


Light indicates the best light conditions for each plant. In general, “full sun” means at least six hours of sunlight each day; “part sun” needs 3 to 6 hours of sun; “part shade” needs 3 to 6 hours of shade; “full shade” is at least six hours of shade each day; deep shade is almost no sun.


Zone refers to the range of USDA hardiness zones in which a plant will survive or thrive. All perennial plants in this database are hardy to USDA zone 4 without protection, unless otherwise noted. Find your zone here: USDA Hardiness Map


Soil lists conditions optimal for plant performance or that a plant will tolerate. Most plants can survive in a wide range of soil conditions with proper care and maintenance. “Prefer” indicates a plant will perform best in a particular soil type. “Tolerates” indicates a plant will grow, but its performance may be somewhat reduced.


What People Are Saying About LanVilla Outdoor

  • Lan Villa’s team did a great job. They realigned the irrigation system in the front yard and readjusted all the heads in the sides and back yard. They installed new sod in the whole yard. New flower beds were created along with a rock barrier and edging was installed around the house. They also returned regularly over the next month to make sure everything was working. After nearly a year, the yard looks better than it ever has and we receive compliments from the neighbors on how well it looks. We also use Lan Villa for our mowing and yard maintenance services. The team comes out regularly to mow, trim, and pull weeds as necessary. They also let us know if there are any areas of concern. Overall, we are very pleased with the services provided by Lan Villa. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing landscape services.

    Kim & Phyllis Callahan
    Jacksonville Florida
  • We have used LanVilla for the past 5 years, not only as a subcontractor to our business, but also used LanVilla to design and implement our new landscape at our home in Jacksonville, FL. LanVilla is more than just a landscaping company, they offer a lot of experience and recommendations for other local area business. The response time is usually the same day. I view LanVilla as a turn Key company, you tell them your needs and they do the rest. I’m sure there are hundreds of other companies that do exceptional work, but LanVilla prides itself of personal involvement from the owner.

    Victor Letourneaut
    Up-Side Management Company
  • Between the plant quality that is installed and the customer service before, during and after the job, Lanvilla provides a first-class experience. We use them for all of our jobs and would highly recommend LanVilla to anyone looking for a top-notch landscape company.

    Chet Skinner
    Skinner Bros. Realty